Can you tell which one is the “Star”?

  They both are “Stars.”  David on the left has the starring role in La Fuerza del Destino. Ramon Alcantar on the right stars nightly with his fabulous guitar playing and mellow romantic voice at the Hacienda. Ramon has a special song just for you. Why wait? Come now and experience Alamos in its emerald [...]

Hotties at the Hacienda!

    Can you tell that it is always a “girl” behind the camera? These are the male stars of La Fuerza del Destino, but the ladies never seem to be within camera range. ha ha.

Someone has to do it…..

  Jamie had the pleasure of entertaining Gabriel Soto, one of the major stars of La Fuerza del Destino, during his many visits during the filming of the Novela. The Staff voted and he won the honor of being their favorite “Star” to visit the Hacienda. He took the time to chat with everyone and [...]