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Travel Blackboard….Many thanks!!!

To read this article online, please visit   Wednesday, February 08, 2012 Hacienda de los Santos, Alamos When dust gives way to cobblestones and a noisy, crazy festival startles the quiet of your afternoon; when you are swept into a song and learn the lyrics (and a language) of a Mexico you’ve just met; [...]

Hacienda de los Santos on “You Tube”

Imagine “you” here with us. We are waiting! 1-888-777-0164 Toll Free      

Don’t Miss This!!!

Smile Box from Holiday Guests…. Paste the link to view. Love to all…..      

Zumba in Alamos

      8:30-9:30 AM Zumba 9:30-10:30 AM Zumba Toning Monday through Thursday ONLY. with Francoise Evans      

Festival Cultural Alfonso Ortiz Tirado 2012

Join Us for “Happy Holiday’s”

Hacienda de los Santos Resort & Spa We’re going to have lots of fun with plentyof delicious food and drink over the Holidays. Here’s our schedule of events—the honor of your presence is requested! Christmas Eve Experience2011 Alamos for the ChristmasHolidays…Why not? Do you want to celebrate Christmas this yearin a really meaningful way? Hacienda de [...]