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Sweet Sonora Surprises

By Laura van Hoff In San Carlos the dramatic setting of volcanic peaks crashing into clear blue sea drew me in to explore by boat and what I discovered was simply stunning. Once again, I was surprised and delighted. And who would have guessed that in the modest town of Hermosillo would be an art [...]

Hacienda’s Tequila Collection Ranks High

Ghosts and spirits: Alamos in a glass Wednesday, February 15, 2012 We return from the streets of Alamos, Sonora, feet-weary but not ready to put to bed the spirits that have taken hold of our bodies. Throats dry, we reach for a drink. A bottle  of tequila mysteriously lands in our hands. With the wild [...]

Enjoy “El Agave Cafe” at the Hacienda

A dish called Sonora Wednesday February 15, 2012 They say the way to a man’s heart is through his  stomach. Over four days in Sonora, Mexico, I lost my heart three square meals a  day. At first, attempting to curb my normal  enthusiasm for new cuisine, I tried to resist the allure of the local  [...]