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La Purisima de Concepcion Cathedral

Here is a fabulous slide show of the ‘La Purisima de Concepcion’ cathedral in Alamos. This film was created by Anders Tomlinson who has been photographing Alamos for many years and arguably may have the world’s largest collection of high quality images of the village. To see more of Anders wonderful work visit his ‘Alamos-Sonora-Mexico, [...]

Frances Shultz Blog

Hacienda de los Santos – Mexico As promised, here is the exquisite Hacienda de los Santos in Alamos, Mexico, where we visited during New Year’s. In case you missed, here is Thursday’s Mexico Part 1. We did not stay at the Hacienda but the lovely owners are friends and we ate there every night. It [...]

Mexico’s Splendid Sonora

Alamos, a sleepy colonial town hidden in a vast Mexican desert, conjures magic and beauty for SHARON SPENCE LIEB. By Australian Times on 17 April, 2012   // // ]]> SONORA, Mexico’s second largest state, takes her time in revealing her treasures. Arriving in Hermasillo, ‘The City of the Sun’, we spend an inspiring afternoon at the world class [...]

Hacienda’s Tequila Collection Ranks High

Ghosts and spirits: Alamos in a glass Wednesday, February 15, 2012 We return from the streets of Alamos, Sonora, feet-weary but not ready to put to bed the spirits that have taken hold of our bodies. Throats dry, we reach for a drink. A bottle  of tequila mysteriously lands in our hands. With the wild [...]