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Mexico’s Splendid Sonora

Alamos, a sleepy colonial town hidden in a vast Mexican desert, conjures magic and beauty for SHARON SPENCE LIEB. By Australian Times on 17 April, 2012   // // ]]> SONORA, Mexico’s second largest state, takes her time in revealing her treasures. Arriving in Hermasillo, ‘The City of the Sun’, we spend an inspiring afternoon at the world class [...]

Hacienda’s Tequila Collection Ranks High

Ghosts and spirits: Alamos in a glass Wednesday, February 15, 2012 We return from the streets of Alamos, Sonora, feet-weary but not ready to put to bed the spirits that have taken hold of our bodies. Throats dry, we reach for a drink. A bottle  of tequila mysteriously lands in our hands. With the wild [...]